Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wat su nim ?

Assalamu 'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear All,

How are you guys all ? Hope everything is fine, also with all of your family. In reference to all articles about parenting which I have written last time, I usually using Indonesian Language. I hereby may need your permission to write in English. It is not because of prestige, but as I know some visitors come from abroad, so I prefer to write in English some time.

Next, I would like to present the article which has relationship with my previous one about visual learning. As I informed to you before that my daughter Nadia is learning alphabets and also reading using visual method like watching TV of Child education is better than we give her by old method like what we receive in school, the impact is quiet amazing. Now she could read well and speak English even not perfect. The title above has no meaning, but you could understand by reading my article below. Below was one of amazing question from her about the matters, and there are more questions after.

She likes Barbie film very much and I gave her the CD of Barbie in English which I hope she could learn the story and also the conversation as well. One day, after I came home from my office, Nadia ask me with such amazing question. The question is "wat su nim ?". First, after heard her question, I stand for a while and thinking, what did it mean ? After examine for a while, I smiled and give her the answer which I thougt it must be "What is your name ?". I gave her good explanation that she understood what is the meaning even she spoke wrong. But, here I receive one point that she understood the contect for asking some one's name.

Dear readers, this point which I may inform to you is strictly recommended that visual method is better than the old one like teaching in school. All parents around the world is frighten of television effect, such as Indonesian television has Sinema electronic which show so many unrealistic story and impact the bad characteristic to children. Do not blame the television, but we should be wise to use the television itself to help us in children education. Use it for educational media to support the visual learning. Buy some educational CD and use it for your children.

Nadia now is less than 4 years old, but she could understand English (just a little and even we speak in Javanese and Indonesian language for daily which I found it rarely in my environment). She could understand some sentence and the meaning from hearing the cd. I thought I could improve the pronunciation and phonetics later. It is because she learn it from TV using CD educational program.

Are you interesting in this method ? Follow me in using visual method. It will produce some amazing result than before....

Wassalamu 'alaikum Wr. Wb.

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wow, ur kid is bright! ^^